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A Reading Vocation

"I Must Read, Read, and Read. It is my Vocation." - Thomas Merton

This is where I chronicle my reading life.  I also blog about writing at Lacey's Late-night Editing.


"What I've discovered from staying married this time around is pretty much what I learned from writing novels: You have to work at it page by page, day by day. And if you stay with your story and characters, if you give your passion and talent and faith to the writing, and if after the bad days, you still come back to the writing, well, you're going to end up not just writing a novel, but learning and growing by doing it. So, with marriage. And like the novels that get finished and end up being wonderful books because you tapped a subject and characters that deeply hold you and intrigue you, the marriages that last and are fairly successful are probably the ones in which you've found someone with whom the roots can go deep and the space can open wide and surprises can happen."
Why I'm Still Married - Karen Propp, Jean Trounstine

- Julia Alvarez, "This Time Around"