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"I Must Read, Read, and Read. It is my Vocation." - Thomas Merton

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Book 36/100: The Colt From Moon Mountain by Dorothy Lathrop

The colt from Moon mountain, - Dorothy Pulis Lathrop

This was a sweet little book that I never expected to read. I became curious about it when Peter S. Beagle mentioned it as a childhood favorite that may have partially inspired The Last Unicorn. When I saw that only 3 libraries in the U.S. owned a copy, I thought my Interlibrary Loan Request was a lost cause. Imagine my excitement when I got an email announcing its arrival a week later!

I was expecting a quick-read picture book; it's a little more involved than that, more of a "chapter-book" (except that it's not divided into chapters), with illustrations every 5-10 pages or so. I wanted more illustrations. :p

It's about a little girl who becomes fascinated with a beautiful white colt, of which no one knows the origin. Turns out (spoiler ^_^) that little colt is a baby unicorn. It sure takes the folks in this book a LONG time to figure that out! Maybe if I were 8 I wouldn't have been so impatient with them.

I was a little annoyed that we never got to find out where the little unicorn came from, or if there was a big unicorn somewhere up on Moon Mountain. But I was glad little Cynthy got the special connection with animals that she craved, and it was an interesting peek into the past to read about farm life through a child's eyes in the 1940s. I wish farm life in the 1980s (which was when I grew up) would have included unicorns!