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Book 29/100: Plover Landing by Marie Zhuikov

Plover Landing - Marie Zhuikov

Anyone who walked away from Eye of the Wolf bummed out about the melancholy ending will be heartened to know a sequel exists -- the [love] story is not over yet.

This book picks up in the 90s, ten years after Melora has left Isle Royale. She is older and wiser and a bit sadder following the breakup of her four-year marriage. When her love from so many years ago returns and tells her his own marriage is ending, she is afraid to get her hopes up. Is there a chance for them after all?

It's nice to read a love story with two main characters who have some "living" under their belts. Drew has two children from his first marriage and Melora is deeply involved in her work to restore the endangered plover to the shores of Lake Superior. Although the book is an intimate study of Melora's character as she learns what her beloved plovers can teach her about herself, it also brushes up against larger issues. While "Eye of the Wolf" honed in on the specific plight of a struggling wolf pack, "Plover Landing" tackles the issue of global warming in its early days, when people were still discovering what was on the brink of happening. There is mysticism here in the form of a special little boy with abilities he is only beginning to understand.

Although some references to the first book may be confusing for new readers, and the resolution is ultimately more satisfying for those who have been along for the whole ride, this book can stand alone for anyone who is looking for a thoughtful book steeped in love and lore.