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Book 34/100: Love Sick - One Woman's Journey Through Sexual Addiction by Sue Williams Silverman

Love Sick: One Woman's Journey through Sexual Addiction - Sue William Silverman

This book was recommended as "similar" after I read Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity, and it seems I may have inherited my dad's penchant for lurid memoirs, so I looked forward to reading it.

While it was well written, it is not nearly as satisfying as "Loose Girl" was. In theory, I like the way that the memoir is structured, with one chapter per day of her stay in a sex addiction rehabilitation center. Through her experiences there, we wind backwards through her life to see the key moments of her addiction, the most meaningful or problematic relationships. But this structure also means the book lacks resolution. We don't see what happens after treatment, and although she is dedicated to change, I've read enough court documents to know how hard it is to stay "sober" after leaving a controlled environment. I at least wanted an epilogue to see how her life played out after treatment, some hint of its lasting effects -- but since we didn't get it, I have to wonder whether it had lasting effects at all. I also wanted more insight into her marriage, and I was disappointed that she never did tell her husband about her addiction.

Sue William Silverman is an excellent writer, and in many ways that is what carries the book. It is not particularly explicit, which was okay with me. I'm more interested in the motivation and impetus and experience of someone whose sexual life and history is so different from mine. But those looking for all the gory details will be disappointed. Unfortunately, so will those looking for a true story of transformation or recovery.