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Book 45/100: Escape from Memory by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Escape from Memory - Margaret Peterson Haddix

This was my first MPH book, and it was sort of a strange experience.

I think I would have devoured it had I read it when I was in the target age group. As an adult, I found the fast-pace to be a little exhausting, because I kept wanting MORE. The society depicted here, in which memory is of the utmost importance, is really fascinating, and I would have liked for the book to delve more deeply into it. A few moments felt really unbelievable to me, such as Kira's best friend hiding in her suitcase and sneaking into Crythe.  But I can totally see kids eating that up. I also felt the villain was too one-dimensional, and the long string of "lucky breaks" strained believability a bit.

Still, this story raises some interesting questions and ideas about the significance of our memories, as well as the idea of the assimilation of a minority culture into the mainstream. And the hypothetical technology that drives the plot is cool, too.