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Book 87/100: A Day With Wilbur Robinson by William Joyce

A Day with Wilbur Robinson - William Joyce

I always feel like a bad person when I give picture books bad reviews.

Well, this isn't a *bad* review per se. I gave the book three stars. But it was just sort of "meh" for me. I can see how a little kid might delight in all the zaniness happening at Wilbur Robinson's house, but this book just doesn't have any plot besides seeing the crazy things the Robinsons are up to (unless you count Grandpa's lost teeth as the plot.) We never find out WHY Wilbur Robinson's family is so strange, and there is no character arc to speak of. Just Lewis showing up, walking around, and going back home again. Am I a total jerk for wanting more?

The illustrations were nice, though, especially Tallulah's prom dress.