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Book 82/100: Panther by Brecht Evens

— feeling horror
Panther - Brecht Evens, Michele Hutchison, Laura Watkinson

Around the Year Reading Challenge Item #50: A book originally written in a language other than English

Yes, this is a deeply unsettling book.

The artwork is garish and creepy, nightmare-like, really. There is far more going on than either the cluttered, overlapping images or the text will say. There are no easy answers, and ultimately I gave this book four stars instead of five because I was left with a few TOO MANY questions. [Like, was panther an imaginary friend Christine used to work through past or present trauma? Was he a psychotic break, her own psyche setting out to harm her, a brush with schizophrenia? Or was he really a being from another world come to seduce and molest her (along with his creepy friends)? I also had the uncomfortable fear that Panther was really her father coming to visit her in the night, and that she "coped" by imagining him as an actual predator -- a panther -- or that he coaxed her into thinking of him that way. This is the interpretation I like least, and I wish I could shake it, because I really want to believe that Christine has SOMEONE safe she can turn to.]

This is a book best read in the light of day, although that won't be enough to keep you from filling icky. There's just a better chance you'll be able to shake it off by bedtime.