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Book 2/100: The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Marianna Mayer

The Twelve Dancing PrincessesThe Twelve Dancing Princesses by Marianna Mayer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think I might have read this when I was a kid, but I reread because a friend in my book club said it had been her favorite book when she was growing up.

Illustrations are gorgeous and Mayer is excellent at adapting fairy tales -- I still long to find her adaptation of Aladdin that I fell in love with when I was young. What surprised me in this adaptation was the emphasis on the feelings and experience of the boy who uncovers the princesses' secret. I always thought of this as a story about sisters and their illicit adventures, but this version makes it the male "rescuer's" story. I wonder if that is the way the story is traditionally told or if that was the focus of this particular telling.

At any rate, it was a little discomfiting. As a kid I certainly never noticed how creepy the idea of a boy going invisible so he can spy on a room full of girls/women was! But the strangeness of it all is one of the things that still makes this a rich and compelling fairy tale to me, regardless of how it is told or who is emphasized.

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