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"I Must Read, Read, and Read. It is my Vocation." - Thomas Merton

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"A woman in Michigan said she listened to the book on tape and then gave it to her lesbian partner. They were particularly interested in our story about inviting a gay couple to our annual Chanukah party: 'I believe it is important for you, as two professionals who make a living analyzing and shaping public policy and culture, to hear that both of your books are relavant to same-sex couples and their families.' We're pleased to hear that. While we're uncomfortable with gay marriage we strongly support the sort of 'civil union' adopted by Vermont earlier this year. As we wrote in our newspaper column: 'Conservatives say civil union reflects the "moral rot" in society but the very reverse is true. In our own circle of friends and family, we've known a number of gay couples who simply want what every heterosexual couple wants--intimacy, understanding, constancy. Partners who want to make a life together should be shored up and not shut out, respected not rejected.'"
From This Day Forward - 'Cokie Roberts',  'Steven V. Roberts'

- Cokie and Steve Roberts


I'm sorry, but I'm "uncomfortable" with their being "uncomfortable" with same-sex marriage, especially right before they go on to say gay couples want what "every heterosexual couple wants." After writing a whole book about how lovely marriage is, they twist the knife on the last page by saying they're "uncomfortable" with same-sex couples having this same blessing. WTF, Cokie and Steve? My guess is that they're trying not to alienate their conservative OR their liberal readers, but sometimes you just can't have it both ways -- and that paragraph certainly alienated me.