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"I Must Read, Read, and Read. It is my Vocation." - Thomas Merton

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New Book Arrival: Disregard First Book by Terry Martin Hekker

Disregard First Book (09) by Hekker, Terry Martin [Paperback (2009)] - Hekker

Another book arrived today. This was one of the books referenced in The Feminine Mistake. It's a follow-up to Terry Martin Hekker's bestselling book, Ever Since Adam & Eve, which argues for traditional gender roles. After Terry's husband left her and she had no way to support her family, she became outspoken for the other side of the issue. That's when she wrote this. I think it's telling that she had to self-publish this volume, even though her first book was a best-seller.


I could have gotten a copy of Ever Since Adam & Eve from Paperbackswap, too (which is where this came from), but the cover was so ugly and outdated that I just couldn't bring myself to spend a credit on it, especially since I was mostly interested in it as a cultural artifact. Now I'm wondering whether the completist in me will allow me to go forth and read this slim little volume without reading its predecessor. Methinks I'll end up interlibrary loaning it instead (my local library doesn't have a copy). What else is ILL for, if not to check out books that are too ugly to have on your own shelves?