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Book 58/100: Wednesdays in the Tower by Jessica Day George

Wednesdays in the Tower - Jessica Day George

This was a delightful follow-up to Tuesdays at the Castle, which I enjoyed better than the first one. There is a similar plot thread with a mysterious, not-what-he-seems visitor, but his character is a bit more complex than the villains in the first book. Also, there is an adorable baby griffin, and Celie remains sweet and strong as ever. Oh, and Lulath IS still in this book, although it was never clear why he is still living at Castle Glower ... ? My favorite part of this book is that it explores the history of the castle in more depth -- a story that is too big for this book to handle, in fact, leaving it on a cliffhanger ending. I guess this means I'll be looking for Thursdays with the Crown after October!