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Book 79/100: X-Files Season 10 by Joe Harris

The X-Files Season 10 #1 - Joe Harris

I do like books that I can finish in two days. :)

I also like that the X-Files have continued in modern times in a "canon" incarnation. This volume is true to what we've come to expect, paranormalcy, twists and turns, an unwavering dedication from Mulder and Scully. There are no big surprises here, however -- sort of feels like a rehash of the last season or so. And I was a little annoyed that [ so many characters were "brought back from the dead", since that makes character deaths mean little. I think this sort of thing is more or less acceptable for main characters that would crush the series if they disappeared, but I think letting go of side characters makes the universe more believable. How could people face such risks and always emerge alive or, better yet, back from the dead?!? (hide spoiler)]

Mostly, I like this book for where I think this story might go than where it is right now. The artwork is adequate, with some really nice extra stuff at the back. I will be purchasing volume 2, which is rare with works I give 3 stars to. But, it's X-Files, and my 5-star rating of the show allows me to give it a free pass.