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A Reading Vocation

"I Must Read, Read, and Read. It is my Vocation." - Thomas Merton

This is where I chronicle my reading life.  I also blog about writing at Lacey's Late-night Editing.


A Year in Reading Suggestions: August Recap & September Plans

M is for Magic - Neil Gaiman, Teddy Kristiansen The X-Files Season 10 #1 - Joe Harris

The theme for August from A Year in Reading Suggestions was books outside my usual genres or formats, and I had high hopes for it (as I do every month!) Here's the official suggestion:


In August, read a genre or format you don’t usually read.
Do you avoid graphic novels, audio books, or any genre, like the plague? Pick up a book that is completely different from what you normally read and find out if it is worse (or better!) than you thought.

I made a very poor showing this month, and only read two books for the theme.


M is for Magic by Neil Gaiman - Although I read fantasy regularly, I rarely read short stories, and I keep wanting to add more of them to my repertoire. Unfortunately, this was only an average collection.


X-Files - Season 10 by Joe Harris - This covers two genres I usually do not read: graphic novels, and books based on TV shows. Despite my past as a fan-fic author, I tend to like my TV characters to stay on the screen these days and rarely read spin-off stories, even from official genres. But for X-Files, I made an exception, especially since it "continues" the story rather than just spinning off of it. Although I definitely appreciate graphic novels as a format, I don't read nearly enough of them -- although when I do, I almost always like what I find.


Why such a poor showing this month? Well, I read Rusalka for a Goodreads group read, and good lord that book took longer than I expected -- almost the full month. I had to re-read Marcelo in the Real World for a writing workshop I'm attending next week. And I've barely made a dent in I Capture the Castle, my book club selection that's due on Thursday. (I've read it before, but don't remember it well enough to contribute intelligently to the conversation without reading it again. Then again, maybe it would be a blessing if I didn't have much to say -- I may talk too much at those meetings anyway.)


Here's what's on the docket for September:


In September, read a book from an opposing viewpoint.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion, so read a book whose author has one totally different from yours. That’s intellectual freedom in action!


I expect this to be a somewhat emotionally challenging month. I plan to read both "philosophical" books in which I disagree with the stance held, and memoirs from folks who live life very differently than how I would choose to live mine. Hopefully I'll make more progress this month!